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True Self 

Human be-ing is having purpose, awareness and connection. Within and with all that is around us with others'; be more mindful, observant and non-judgmental of everyone's processes, but remember that we have our journeys. 


There are wonderful tools to get us to go within as long as we keep them as such "tools" once we integrate the deeper awareness, such tools become elementary to our process and progression. 

When we are able to discern the noisy hindering thoughts from our true selves, we can begin to reclaim our power and become limitless. 

There are many ways for us to connect deeper and it always comes back to that physical, mental and emotional regulation before we can get to the layers of our true self. 

Below are just a few "tools" to build the supplementary process of connecting within. Physical, emotional, and mental regulation deep work is first required prior to accessing these elementary tools below. 

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