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Human resource development concept. Direction for personal growth and improve performance.

Infinite Self Optimization Courses


Integration & Application in your daily life. 

Are you looking to gain further insight and tools to apply in your daily life?

Perhaps you also want to assist others in making changes in their lives.

Whatever the path you desire our framework will help you to build the foundation for your path. 

Select Self-Paced Study or Join us Live

Our Course Curriculum is structured and designed to start from the fundamental core courses that will be set as a prerequisite toward the next pillar.

You will begin your journey with the foundation courses in: 

Physical Awareness, Emotional Endurance, Mental Strength and more.

Other Elective courses will be available over time.

Online Meeting




Each course is scheduled for a hybrid: in-person & and online, the recording will be set up for the self-paced online study.

To become a Certified ISO Leader 

Required courses must be completed, including practicum, and assisting.

Professional mentoring will also be available for continued support in the mastery of your craft.

Each Course Includes:

2 Days of Live Lecture

Q & A


Video Replay 




Physical Awareness:

Integrating Somatic Optimzation: Awareness & Regulation 

The very first step in helping you gain any goal that you have, whether it's your habits, reactions from our defensive protective barriers or a state of being, you will need to be prepared in the body to become receptive to the changes. We will be providing education and techniques to help you recognize when your system is flooded and when it is ready to connect with others or to integrate the next step in emotional regulation

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Emotional Endurance:

Integrating Trauma Wounds & Transform your Defenders into Champions

We all have learned inappropriate myths with our feelings of loss, grief and stress. We have imprinted disabling core beliefs and unhealthy coping mechanisms that have locked us into harmful limiting cycles. We all have glasses that are tainted with wounds we have seen every event, and situation through the eyes of our wounds. It's time to change our perspective and see that each of our wounds diminishes the truth of what's actually going on around us.


Mental Strength

Strengthen your Boundaries & Self Worth

Learn how to strengthen your boundaries and self-worth, say no and empower yourself with your relationship with love, health, career, money, personal and professional relationships, and most importantly with yourself.

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Supporting the Integrations 

Self Care Journey

How do we keep our cups full so we can manage the triggers of our trauma wounds, shadow responses, and the breaching of our boundaries? Learn the difference between self-love cup vs. self-care cup and more. 

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Relationship Building

tThe Seven Principles of Marriage

As a Gottman Couples Therapist and Leader for The 7 Principles of Marriage, you will learn how to communicate and negotiate with your partner, while building a stronger friendship and romantic connection filled with acceptance, compassion and trust.

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