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Anna's Prices


Direct Billing is in NOT available.

Please check with your insurance provider first if counselling services provided

by a Psychotherapist, CCC, MPCC, RPC, RP (Qualifying) or CT designations are eligible under your plan.
*Prices are subject to change. Thank you. 

Potential new clients - please DO NOT purchase a session until you have your initial session booked with her,

a 15 min consult is required first to see if she is a fit with you prior to the initial session. 

*NOTE: We require a CC must be on file to hold your appointment. The CC will not be charged unless the session is outstanding and hasn't been paid or there's a no show/late cancellation that has incurred.*

To purchase a package, please text Ethan @ 587-897-4934 or email to apply any of these below to your account.
Thank you. 


Individual 1-on-1 Session

Individual 1-on-1 Session

(1.5 times price adjusted)

$142 +tax per session


Initial 2-on-1 Session

Individual Initial 2-on-1Session

$215 +tax

Includes your Gottman Questionnaire Checkup

5 Pack 1-on-1Sessions

5 Pack 1-on-1 Sessions

$673 +tax 

$37 savings 2 mth expiry

Subsequent 2-on-1 Sessions

Individual Subsequent

2-on-1 Session

$166 +tax

10 Pack 1-on-1 Sessions

10 Pack 1-on-1 Sessions

$1300 +tax

$120 savings 3 mth expiry

5 Pack 2-on-1 Sessions

5 Pack 2-on-1 Sessions

$854 + tax

(initial pack includes Gottman Questionnaire)

$805 +tax (subsequent)

$25 savings 2 mth expiry

Clients NOT residing in 
US, Canada, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, France and Spain,
please use the corresponding yellow PayPal buttons below. 

International Clients
1-on1 Individual Session 

$142 + tax

Soul Contract Reading
*includes prep prior to reading 
+ 1 live reading session
Not claimable for insurance as this is not a counselling session.

$278 + tax

International Clients
As Requested



TO BOOK with Anna



2.  FILL

To request more info or receipts please email

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