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"Getting you comfortable with being uncomfortable, incorporate sustainable habits for your successful transformational journey"

My Approach

Fitness is not just about looking good, of course we all want to look a certain way, but for my approach it's all about what you can do and how you feel and the longevity as we age and naturally decline. We want to override some stigmas of the aging process and the stigmas of fitness and nutrition. I am here to get you comfortable being uncomfortable and your body can provide you more benefit in your day to day activities with your loved ones. 

I offer 1-on-1 services in person where we go through a series of functional movement mobility assessment to see where you are at. We slowly get you to functional strengthen to provide you with the foundation you need to go through your transformation journey and healing. Nutritional and physical habits are introduced where you slowly start integrating reasonable activities with your daily life. As an example, maybe you start just walking 20 min a day if you have been mostly sedentary and need to start having a better relationship with movement. Maybe you start just being mindful of your food choices and start adding some fruits and vegetables to what you are currently eating. We are trying to build sustainable and realistic habits for the long run to you can achieve successful movements along the way. 

This customized approach is also incorporated into the online subscription service that is also customized to you where you are currently at to where we need to get you closer to your goals with our own app. You will receive a customize fitness plan where you will see the different videos that provide you with how to the movements and other modified movements for you if you require. You will be able to stay in touch with me and ask me through the app any requests, questions, etc. You will receive weekly coaching check in calls that surround your connection to your fitness and nutrition plan.  

We are here to support you and make it achievable and sustainable to achieve your infinite potential, where you are and your loved ones can enjoy being present and active together for the long haul. We need the strength and endurance to be able to play sports with our children, protect them, or if you don't have children be there for our loved ones in our lives so that if they need physical and mental support we are ready because our cups is filled and our foundation is set to take the load to assist. We must help ourselves first before we can help others. Let's change the stigma, so that we can still be strong and active into our 60s, 70s, 80s etc. It's possible and there's other's doing it out there so let's get there together. 

You got to have fun too!
Being a kid and moderation is key!
Yes, we all want to look great, but,
most importantly it's what you are able to do &
loving it while you are doing it

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All Videos

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