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Spirit |Consciousness 

The Spiritual component of every human be-ing is having purpose, awareness and connection. Within and with all that is around us with others'; being more mindful, observant and non-judgmental of everyone's processes, but to remember that we have our own journeys. 


Alignment is key to raising this awareness aka consciousness. In the modern new-age trends of Spirituality, there can be much bypassing and the practice can create a "dismissing/forgetting" about the " being-human" experience which is counterintuitive to aligning your mind, body and spirit. Dismissing your emotional, mental, or physical processes to stay in a specific vibration is not part of alignment but bypassing and segregation of parts vs. an integration and acceptance of all that is. 

All bodies must be in harmony: aware and connected, not one being more active or stronger than the other, but an equal participation to be connected. 

There are many wonderful "tools" out there that help us to dive deep into the unknown and the quantum mechanics of the universe. However, without FIRST being completely grounded in the physical, mental and emotional imbalance and dissociation are known to occur. To prevent this, your journey at Infinite Strength requires that have done the preliminary foundational building blocks to help sustain the rising of your consciousness growth and connection. This requires active participation and understanding of your mental, emotional and physical triggers and how to challenge them and integration of this into your day-to-day world with yourself and others IS the SPIRITUAL journey. 

You will find some available services that are meant to be SUPPLEMENTAL to your journey only AFTER you have started the Physical, Mental and Emotional work @ Infinite Strength.

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