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Infinite Self Optimization:


3. Physical Awareness

Welcome to the 3rd foundational course

of your self-actualization journey!

This course will provide you with:

  • how to integrate boundaries and wounds course into your daily life

  • the difference with self-love, self-care and self-joy kid cups

  • how to recognize when your cup is empty that will cause your triggers

  • how to implement somatic regulation tools

  • enhance the signals of your mind-body connection 

  • understand the importance of focusing on body activity 

  • bring acceptance & compassion to yourself & others

Playing in the Sunset
Support Group Meeting



Hybrid In person @ Calgary or Zoom Online

Please note to provide a safe space and protect your confidentiality

participants' questions or sharing will not be recorded.

The Self-paced Study Recording Link will be posted a week after.

*Permission to teach this course requires an approved

Certified ISO teacher with

a trauma-informed psychotherapist background.


 New Students please fill out this form first then, Register

$355 + tax


Using Laptop in a Cafe

Course Includes:

2 Days of Live Lecture

Video Replay 

Q & A




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Self Care Journey

How do we keep our cups full so we can manage the triggers of our trauma wounds, shadow responses, and the breaching of our boundaries?

With this course, you will understand how to :

  • recognize the difference between a self-care cup vs. a self-love kid cup. 

  • implement actionable and sustainable techniques to keep your cup full

  • and deepen your relationship with yourself empowering independence vs. co-dependent behaviours.

  • integrate what you have learned from addressing your trauma wounds, shadows and boundaries courses that prevent you from protecting your self-love cups.

  • most importantly have fun and be more compassionate with yourself.

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