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Strengthen your Boundaries & Self Worth

Have you experienced:

⚠️ confusion of who you are
⚠️ what you are here to accomplish
⚠️ how you can best express your true self in the world

If you said yes, did you think that it would result in lacking boundaries?

How do you know ?

Have you experienced these side effects :

❎ repetitive patterns: habitually people pleasing, usually to own detriment that can involve selling yourself short ie) giving your value for free to gain acceptance from others and society and prove that you are a good person by offering services for free
❎recurring monetary, relationship and work struggles
❎ loss of energy: deprived, heaviness and physical illnesses, results of absorbing external energies
❎ feeling overworked, exhausted, anger, frustration from carrying, and caring about everyone else while receiving nothing in return
❎ feeling overwhelmed by everyone else’s feelings, moods, needs, problems, negativity, even illnesses
❎ fear and distraction creating energetic intrusions & attacks of negativity from others & having environmental sensitivities
❎ codependent behaviours : compulsive behaviours due to tending to others’ needs instead of your own and thus not reflecting your real self that make feel misused
❎ feeling anxious- always needing to watch for unseen dangers & overthink to prevent them
❎ feeling that everyone else is getting ahead and supported while your helpless and alone

These are all symptoms of lacking strong boundaries.

So why do you need them? Well do you want to keep experiencing the vicious cycles above? What will healthy boundaries invites:

✅ loving exchanges with others
✅ prosperity & monetary abundance
✅ awareness to be accountable for yourself and take actions to self soothe and create a different favourable outcome
✅ allowing others to take ownership and participation in their own journeys & stop robbing them from their lessons and experiences (no meddling no interfering)
✅ freedom, joy and peace

If this calls to you come join us in learning how to strengthen your boundaries and self worth that will help you empower yourself and unlock your unlimited potential with your relationship with: love, health, career, money, personal and professional relationships, and most importantly with yourself (mind body and spirit).

When: Saturday, February 1, 2020
Time: 9am - 3 pm
Lunch break 12 pm
Where: Infinite Strength 138 Williams Place
Investment: $99 plus tax

Spots are limited reserve your spot.

Direct Billing is NOT accepted. 

For Counselling services with Anna, please contact your insurance provider if CCC or RPC is eligible under your plan. 

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