May 30 & June 6 |  Infinite Strength


Self Love Workshop

Infinite Strengh Self Love Journey Workshop

Why can't you commit to your goals?
Why can't you make a decision?
Why do you self-sabotage yourself with food, negative thoughts & behaviours?
Why do you beat yourself up & expect to have everything together?
Why are you in circular toxic relationships, (friends, families, parners)?
Why don't you have your ideal partner?
Why can't you say no without feeling guilty?
Why do you keep feeling guilty for doing something for you?
Why do you keep thinking helping or giving is supposed to be enough to make you feel good?

It all comes down to how nourished is your
Self love & Self care tanks.

There is a difference.

Increase this volume in positive self thoughts/actions & decrease the noise of destructive thoughts and actions = making life more manageable and fulfilling.

Learn the tools to manage these disabling thoughts and behaviours and start living your potential and fulfilling life by discovering how to truly love yourself more. Learn how to create an embodied practice for you body, mind and soul and learn ways to apply them and be more compassionate with yourself.

We will be learning how to use:
- Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Techniques
& Meditation for the mind
- Breathe & movement with Qi gong,
- Nourish our bellies with energizing food to accept and love the body you are in for the body
and most importantly
- a supportive and safe community to connect & relate to help you move through the triggers and heal the soul.

You also receive your own self love journey workbook & snacks and healthy vegetarian lunch

Investment: $99 + tax
Time:10:00 am - 12 pm
Date:Saturday May 30 & June 6, 2020
Where: Zoom Online