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Quantum Sound IQube Products

Pocket IQube - White or Black

AM/Daytime Frequencies – Clearing, Concentration, Digestion and Schumann Resonance, Heart Opening, Gamma Bliss, Telomeres and Raise Your Frequency

PM/Rest/Nighttime/ Meditation Frequencies – Protection, Delta-Theta Sweep, Magnesium-Sulphur, Lucid Dreaming, Raise Your Frequency and Ocean Waves


Emotional Balancing and Octave Wave 8; This frequency can be played in either a daytime or nighttime playlist or on its own. Use your own intuition to device what is best for you.

The AM and PM frequencies are designed to be played in a playlist one after the other however use your own guidance to decide if you wish to repeat a soundtrack at any point in time.

Use your Pocket IQube to enhance the impact of your Personal Sound Frequencies

Focus IQube

“Focus Plus IQube and Performance IQube” – stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for memory and higher learning. The Focus IQube has proven itself to be one of our most practical and important examples of the Divine Sciences. Every Athlete, Student and Business man will quickly discover an improvement in their ability to Focus. We have been carefully guided to create a wonderful frequency program to stimulate the inert noble gases that have a direct influence on our ability to focus.


Theta IQube

It is the one that she started with and it made a significant difference in her life. The primary purpose of this device to assist opening the heart to love

Harmony IQube

This technology creates a veritable oasis of self-healing by surrounding you with sound waves that entrain you with the spirit molecule sound waves,alpha brain waves, theta brain waves and delta brain waves played through a zero point technology.

Yoga of Sound = Spirit Molecule + Zero point field + theta brain waves = More zen = More bliss = Improved quality of life 24×7 everyday all day-its plug & play..

Miracle IQube

This is the latest creation in the IQube line. It has only been out since the fall and yet it seems to be getting a lot of attention. It come with both a daytime and nighttime tracks. It has the tracks of the other IQubes plus a few new ones. It is extremely portable and has been priced at an amazing price.

  • A totally new approach to personal wellness using the voice, targeted sound frequencies and tesla based scalar technology.

  • Creates a dynamic quantum scalar energy field that increase your vibration 24X7

  • Improves happiness, mood and quality of life

  • Stabilizes your environment

  • Deepens your meditation, sleep, learning and concentration abilities

  • Entrains you effortlessly with deep delta, theta, gamma and alpha brain wave states

  • Accelerates your intuition, awakening and transformation

  • What does this include?

  • 2 triple nested scalar wave vortex tesla-like coils

  • 1 custom inert noble gas xenon ampoule

  • 1 custom inert noble gas all 5 includes: argon, neon, helium, krypton, xenon

  • 1 Digital Player Pre-programmed with all major frequency programs (telomeres, organs, glands, gamma brain waves, theta brain waves, focus frontal lobe for enhanced focus & concentration, Schumann resonance for Earthing/grounding, food imprinting, wellness, heart opening, digestion, pineal activation, lucid dreaming, raise your frequency, and clearing environment)

  • Light therapy: LED’s 4 on each side for cellular rejuvenation

  • Hexagonal Copper Cores for grounding and balancing energy

  • Carbon Inserts

  • Flower Essences

  • 24 Karat Gold and Pure Silver

  • 1 Oxygen Insert

  • Specialized Miracle soundtrack: AM/PM Soundtrack Plus Food & Liquid Imprinting

Tesla IQube

“Tesla IQube” – ultimate non-stop Soul Evolution Program. Tesla understood the principles of “Scalar Vortex” and during his time on Earth predicted and demonstrated free energy. For the last 45 year, we have been using these same principles to create instruments that raise consciousness and increase human potential. We honor Tesla’s work with the creation of our IQubes. We have been secretly building and testing our beautiful Tesla IQube. Our success lies in the use of Scalar Vortex action, correct geometry, inert noble gases, and the proper applications of precious metals such as pure Gold and Silver. Everything is custom made and manufactured in-house.

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