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Qi Gong

You will be learning the foundations of Qigong: breath, intention, and slow movements that are adaptive and modified it necessary for each individual. 

We explore the 8 silk Brocades, Guolin Qigong Walk, Sound Meditations, Daoist 5 organ cleansing & strengthening and more.

Qi : energy (life force) it is in everything, all around us and within us, thoughts, food, air, objects etc. 
Gong: work/skill cultivated in steady practice 

Qigong can be translated many ways, but the typical translation is “Energy Cultivation”. When we practice Qigong, we are using intent to move Qi in and out of our body, purge old Qi and bring in fresh Qi. 

But this process of moving and changing Qi does not stop once we stop practicing Qigong. Qi is constantly moving in and out of our body, every second of the day.

Becoming aware of Qi is the first stage of Qigong practice. Once you become sensitive to the Qi in your body and the Qi around you, every minute there is an opportunity to practice. 

Come and join me in learning the different movements, sounds, meditative practices involved with Qigong. The benefits that are medically proven are endless:

- Decreases high levels of anxiety & stress 
- Reduces chronic pain & fatigue 
- Improves immunity & cancer protection 
- Promotes Relaxation 
- Strengthens & conditions muscles 
- Improves coordination and alignment in posture 
- Lowers blood pressure & improves heart health 
- Improves concentration & focus 
- and more. 

“As you become more sensitive to Qi in your Qigong practice, you will become more sensitive to Qi in your everyday life.”