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Mindfulness Eating: Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

Infinite Strength Mindfulness Eating: Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

We all know what we need to do deep down... We do want it bad enough.. yet we struggle to truly make it happen...

Have you been:
- Struggling with weight loss & body image
- Stress eating
- In Starvation mode
- Binging, Purging
- Saying i’ll start…tomorrow or after….
- On crash diets, detoxes, drugs to get results yesterday?
- Struggling with time or $ to be healthy
- Saying ... but i deserve this chocolate/wine
- Justifying your unhealthy habits?

We are human and progression is not linear nor is there a one size that fits all. Therefore your journey needs to be tailored to your needs accordingly to what is realistic for you.

We have all been there time constraints, obligations being pulled in all directions making it difficult to stay consistent.

Explore and learn mindful eating and exercise that is sustainable for you to get started and to slowly get better at decreasing that volume of self sabotage & destructive thoughts.
Understand the psychology of adopting a healthier lifestyle, learn what foods are healing to the mind, body and soul. Challenge the constraints of life with tools that can help you achieve healthy lifestyle & learn to enjoy healthier foods that can still taste amazing and not take too much work to make.

Investment: $99 plus tax

Date: TBD

Time: 9 - 2 pm 
Also Includes: Delicious meals that you learn to create @ home
Place: Infinite Strength: 138 Williams Place

*Please wear comfy clothes as there will be some movement exercises involved to connect with your body.

*This will also be available on live streaming for those that are not local residents.