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Infinite Self Optimization:


5. Integration Tool

Welcome to the 5th foundational course

of your self-actualization journey!

This course will provide you with:

  • how the previous 4 courses come together to this 

  • bring clarification of what you are needing and what's going on

  • how to implement somatic regulation tools

  • enhance the signals of your intuition

  • develop more direction toward your goals and healing

  • bring acceptance & compassion to yourself & others

Tools on a desk
Support Group Meeting



Hybrid In person @ Calgary or Zoom Online

Please note to provide a safe space and protect your confidentiality

participants' questions or sharing will not be recorded.

The Self-paced Study Recording Link will be posted a week after.

*Permission to teach this course requires an approved

Certified ISO teacher with

a trauma-informed psychotherapist background.


 New Students please fill out this form first then, Register

$355 + tax


Using Laptop in a Cafe

Course Includes:

2 Days of Live Lecture

Video Replay 

Q & A




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Connecting your ISO
Through Dowsing


With the combination of the other 4 courses this will enhance your awareness and deepen your clarity. Learn to set stronger boundaries and intentional alignments to work with your wise self and your physical self here on Earth. It will include a series of realignment statements to release and integrate blocks, interferences, and negative energies to align with your Infinite Self.


Among these statements, you will be provided charts that will assist you in increasing your awarenesses of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual parts of yourself. This is meant to be a tool to deliberately be more present here on Earth as a spiritual being having a human experience and body. 

Heighten your awareness of your boundaries...

What is causing you to feel off? Why are you having cyclic patterns in your relationships with others and yourself? How can we manage them better? This course and tool will provide you with the fundamental basics in helping you ground more of your integrity and manage any feedback you may get. You may receive guidance on eating better, moving, challenging your shadows, clearing ancestral lineages, interference from other people in or out of the body, previous lifetime influences, and needing to spend more time with your self-care and inner child. 

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