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Infinite Self Optimization:


4. Consciousness Connection

Welcome to the 4th foundational course

of your self-actualization journey!

This course will provide you with:

  • how the previous 3 courses come together to this 

  • understand the difference between connecting to your wise self and spiritual bypass

  • see how your boundaries are directly related to your energetic centres

  • how to implement somatic regulation tools

  • enhance the signals of your intuition

  • understand the different spiritual trend language vs. what spiritual inner connection truly is

  • bring acceptance & compassion to yourself & others

Zen Garden
Support Group Meeting



Hybrid In person @ Calgary or Zoom Online

Please note to provide a safe space and protect your confidentiality

participants' questions or sharing will not be recorded.

The Self-paced Study Recording Link will be posted a week after.

*Permission to teach this course requires an approved

Certified ISO teacher with

a trauma-informed psychotherapist background.


 New Students please fill out this form first then, Register

$355 + tax


Using Laptop in a Cafe

Course Includes:

2 Days of Live Lecture

Video Replay 

Q & A




Debunking Spirituality 101

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 9.58.03 PM.png

There is a lot of misinformation in our fast-paced social media-drenched society. Discover the mistruths and understand the difference between "being spiritual" vs. you already are a spiritual being having a human experience. This will address all of your questions on spirituality and create a deeper awareness of what spiritual bypass is and how to prevent yourself from it. 

With this course, you will understand how to :

  • integrate some of the beliefs and language of past lives, guides, ascended masters

  • you can't clear your past life karma, or akashic records to have a more favourable life now, you got to do the work

  • what the law of attraction is and how it actually works and the match it program

  • what is spiritual bypassing and how to recognize it in yourself and others

  • the elements of the spiritual/energy anatomy with the physical and how that connects to your emotional and mental aspects of you.

  • what happens when you are breaching your boundaries energetically

  • how tools and rituals will not make you "more spiritual" because you already

  • anything that you have seen on social media or questions about the world and ancient civilizations to other species, etc more.

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