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Healing the Wounds We Carry Workshop

We all have learned inappropriate myths with our feelings of loss, grief and stress.

We also have imprinted disabling core beliefs, unhealthy coping mechanisms that have locked us into harmful limiting cycles.

We all have glasses that are tainted with the wounds we have seeing every event, situation through the eyes of our wounds. It's time to change our perspective and see that each of our wounds diminish the truth of what's actually going on around us.

Wounds we carry:
- Rejection
- Neglect


Free yourself and obtain peace & healing whenever these wounds reopen. Become aware when they occur and what to do when they are triggered. You will learn how to start changing any unhealthy coping mechanisms, perspectives, core beliefs.

You will also learn to use your Breath & your Body to assist in the healing and switch from the Parasympathetic Nervous System to the Sympathetic Nervous System through Breath work, meditation and Qi gong... Decreasing the triggers of our Flight, Fight Response that produces all the uncomfortable feelings and distractions.

Investment: $99 + tax
Time: 9:00 am - 2 pm
Date: TBD
Where: Infinite Strength 138 Williams Place

Join us live if you don't live in Fort Mcmurray. PM for more details. :)

*Healthy Lunch and Snacks will be provided.

Direct Billing is NOT accepted. 

For Counselling services with Anna, please contact your insurance provider if CCC or RPC is eligible under your plan. 

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