Saturday & Sunday Jan 30 & 31, 2021  |  Infinite Strength

Healing the MDS™:

Intro to Dowsing

Healing the Multi-Dimensional Self™

Introduction to Dowsing for Spiritual Self-Healing


Extremely excited to present this class trademark by Kathryn Hamiliton-Cook


Your Multi-Dimensional Self™ (MDS)

We are more than our physical bodies, or even our thoughts and emotions; we are a multi-dimensional being.


The multi-dimensional self is the eternal, spiritual aspect that creates our life through intention and choice. Although we may appear as physical beings, all aspects of the MDS, including the emotional, mental, and physical are, in essence, spiritual consciousness.


MDS™ Techniques for Spiritual Self-Healing

This class is an introduction to basic self-help techniques to become aware of negative creative patterns and to shift them with the help of your spiritual guidance. THIS IS NOT JUST A PENDULUM CLASS! Many people may already have awareness of using a pendulum, but that is NOT what this class is about.  


The following techniques will be introduced.


👉Conscious connection to your guidance through your own spiritual energy field.


👉Becoming aware of your own energy state (mental, emotional, and physical).


👉Practicing awareness of blocking beliefs and patterns, and using intention to ask for clearing and healing.


👉Using a pendulum to verify your clarity, answers, and information received from higher guidance.


👉Transform your relationships, including relationship to self and Source/SPIRIT through release statements, forgiveness statements, and rescinding of vows, contracts, and agreements. This opens up a more direct connection to Source energy and the flow of high-vibrational energy required to bring you into wholeness.


👉Clearing of Akashic record programming through a method such as Spiritual Response Therapy is highly recommended to help release patterns on a deeper level.          


👉 Understanding the importance of boundaries & healing wounds and implementing the conscious work to assists your in self development AKA your spiritual growth. Understanding the difference of tools vs. the meaning of Spirituality which really is Awareness.


Date: Jan 30 & 31, 2021, Saturday & Sunday

Time: 10 am - 2 pm MDT both days

Investment: $250 + tax + Shipping (new students)

Refresher: $99 + tax (graduates)

Class Material & Pendulum mailed out to new online students

Online link via ZOOM will be provided


- Must have done work with Anna as a client this ensures proper grounding is set for student to take the course, and have taken the Healing Wounds Course.

To become a student of Anna, you must first work with Anna 1-on-1 as a client previous to accessing any classes. All initial meetings are required, connecting to see if the alignment in working together 1-on-1 is grounded. Intention is discussed at the INITIAL SESSION and it is upon discretion whether you are accepted to take any courses or if further development & cultivation in other areas are required prior to the class.

An MDS(TM) session must have been done previous to the class.

- New Students will be mailed the manual and pendulum via Canada Post.



- All Students MUST refrain from any alcohol/recreational drugs the day before class and 10 days after class.



New Students
Refresher Students
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