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*No refund policy-student may reschedule only ONCE towards next available class*
To become a student of Anna, you must first work with Anna 1-on-1 as a client previous to accessing any classes. All initial meetings are required, connecting to see if the alignment in working together 1-on-1 is grounded. Intention is discussed at the INITIAL SESSION and it is upon discretion whether you are accepted to take any courses or if further development & cultivation in other areas are required prior to the class.

Healing Wounds & Shifting Shadows to Shiners


We all have learned inappropriate myths regarding our feelings of loss, grief, and stress.

We all see through glasses that are tainted with the wounds we carry, seeing every event and situation through the lens of what the shadows make us see from the truth.. Retrain the shadows into the shiners they are meant to work with you not against you.

This is the Prerequisite Class for All Classes Below


Miracle Mondays 


A Miracle is a Shift in Perception.
Have your mind blown in helping you relieve your daily stresses.

Will Resume sometime in 2021



Your Spiritual Practice in Protecting your Energy by

Strengthening your Boundaries & Self Worth


Learn how to strengthen your boundaries and self worth, say no and help you empower yourself and unlock your unlimited potential with your relationship with: love, health, career, money, personal and professional relationships, and most importantly with yourself (mind body and spirit).


Healing the MDS (TM) : Intro to Dowsing 


MDS™ Techniques for Spiritual Self-Healing
This class is an introduction to basic self-help techniques to become aware of negative creative patterns and to shift them with the help of your spiritual guidance.


self love journey.jpg

Self Love Workshop


Learn the tools to manage these disabling thoughts and behaviours and start living your potential and fulfilling life by discovering how to truly love yourself more. Learn how to create an embodied practice for you body, mind and soul and learn ways to apply them and be more compassionate with yourself.





Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises.

Mindfulness update.jpg

Mindfulness Eating: Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle


What's the secret to creating a healthy and sustainable meal plan?
It’s this...
Contrary to popular belief, there is NO one size fits all to nutrition. And just because a diet worked for one person, it DOESN’T mean it’s going to work for the next.



Reiki 1& 2


Who is in for some ancient mind-blowing teachings?

Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. It involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner's palms to their patient.



Online Reiki Share


Infinite Strength Reiki Graduates, Coming together to help Humanity and Mother Nature get through this challenging time. 



Timeline Gathering Support


Everything from akashic records, aliens. dimensions, future self, parallel lives, laws of the universe, how to connect with guides, beings, our higher self with ultimate boundaries. How to create more unity with ourselves, our universes and with SPIRIT.